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Measure-Mate can also be incorporated into a range of customised chemical filling units and dispensing stations to suit your business. The maker of Measure-Mate (Ace Mobile Plastics) can also plan, supply and install chemical holding tanks, poly pipe work and plumbing. Measure Mate is the leading chemical / chlorine manual dispensing unit on the market and can suit a multitude of applications. From pool shops to large industrial water treatment plants - Ace has you covered.

Ace can also produce chemical powder dispensers. These can be used for a range of chemicals stored as a powder. Contact Ace to see if they can effectively manage your chemical dispensing needs.

Filling Unit
1. 4 x 5 Container Dispensing Station / Filling Unit

Filling Unit
2. Four Head Filling Unit for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 containers
Filling Unit
3. Four Head Filling Unit for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 containers
Holding Tank
4. Chemical Holding Tank
Chlorine Filling Machine
5. Twin 5 Container Chlorine Filling Unit
Filling Station
6. Bulk Chemical Filling Station
Measure Mate Chlorine Dispenser
7. Measure-Mate Chemical Dispenser
Poly Plumbing
8. Poly Pipe Welding
Powder Dispenser
9. Chemical Powder Dispenser
Measure Mate Chlorine Dispenser
10. Measure Mate Chlorine Dispenser
Stubb Flange
11. Stubb Flange

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