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Spare Parts taps and valves

Measure-Mate , located in QLD, stock and can order a wide range of valves, taps, gaskets, glues, tank outlets, chemical resistant tank fittings, flanges and plastic tubing.

Spare parts for chemical pipe work and plumbing, chemical storage tanks and water tanks are available on request. Contact Measure Mate to see what product would suit your situation. We can also install, repair and replace existing poly tank fittings and tank fittings. Ace Mobile Plastics Australia stock chemical resistant tank spares, valves, fittings and accessories suitable for bulk chemical storage tanks, water tanks and more.

Measure-Mate has a mobile service vehicle available for most parts of South East Qld and sometimes, Northern NSW.

Ball Valve/Taps
1. TP Ball Valve/Taps (Blue or red handle)

Chemical resistant valve
2. Chemical Resistant Ball Valve/taps

ball valve
3. CO Ball valve/tap

3 way ball valve or tap
4. 3 - way ball valves/taps
5. Industrial Chemical Ball Valve/Tap
6. Plastic weld on full face flange
Stubb flange
7. Stubb Flange
Stubb flange
8. Stubb Flange

Full face flange
9. Full Face Flange

Chemical Resistant Gasket
10. Chemical Resistant Gasket
PVC Gasket
11. PVC Flange
Check Valve
12. Chemical Resistant Check Valve
Chemical resistant Check Valve
13. Chemical Resistant Check Valve
Camlock and dust cap
14. Camlock and dust cap
dust cap
15. Dust Cap (suits camlock - right)
16. Camlock
High Presure Glue
17. High Presure Glue
Tank outlet
18. Weld on Tank Outlet
Tank Outlets
19. Weld on Tank Outlets
Hose Barbs
20. Hose barbs
Braided clear hose
21. Braided Clear Tubing
Clear hose
22. Clear Tubing

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